Product Development

Our products are formulated based off understanding research and what we call translational medicine. "Translational medicine" is the practical application of a science that has already been worked out in research laboratories, but never put into daily practice with patients. This has also been related to as “from bench to bedside”.

Since 1995, Dr. Mark L. Gordon has been reading articles within the alternative and complementary research field about the multitude of plant-based and nutraceutical products that have been shown to have positive influences over neurocognitive and neuropsychological functions.  Understanding that any condition that creates inflammation in the brain can cause the loss of optimal brain functioning which might include emotional stability and intelligence.

In 2004, Dr. Gordon as Medical Director of the Millennium Health Centers, Inc., started to provide patients suffering with cognitive and emotional conditions precipitated by varying degrees of head and body traumas, combinations of products that he read about. In March 2017, after collaboration with his daughter Dr. Alison M. Gordon, Clear Mind & Energy was launched as a product to improve mental clarity with mental energy. Specifically, it was developed to replace prescriptive stimulants that created a dependency on the brain.

In May 2019, Brain Care II was launched after 16 years of clinical application as a product to address the inflammation of the brain precipitated by an IED or blast wave trauma in our veterans and active duty members.  Since we are limited to seeing patients 18 years and older, many times we would receive calls from mothers who heard about our treatment success and requested enrollment of their child just to be told “we do not accept”.  So, we began using Brain Care II in children and adolescence who had sustained head traumas (football, skateboarding, and other causes) with subsequent development of emotional and intellectual impairment.   

In February 2020, B is for Brain was launched after 5 years of clinical application as a product to enhance the production of the energy molecule ATP. In those individuals with “brain fog”, “poor memory”, “forgetfulness”, and “moodiness” improvement occurred within a few days of use.

Finally, on March 3, 2020 we combined the three products into what is now the Tri-Pak System for brain health care. Results that we have seen since February 2020 have been extremely supportive of the products. On July 17,2020 we made this product available to individuals outside our practice.  Enjoy…. Mark L. Gordon, MD