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Enhance brain health by reducing inflammation with
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Formulated with all natural ingredients

Brain Rescue 1 + 3

Anti-inflammatory Nutrients

Brain Rescue 1 + 3


Brain Rescue 1 + 3

Enhanced B-Vitamins

Brain Rescue 3 Only

Stress reducing & Energy Enhancing Nutrients

Over 1,200,000 packets sold
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Brain Rescue 1

Brain Rescue 1 is formulated with natural ingredients including anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, and enhanced B-vitamins to protect, support and fuel brain health.


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Brain Rescue 3

Brain Rescue 3 is our core product formulated with Brain Rescue 1 with the addition of enhanced mental clarity and energy.


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“These products are the result of 35 years of research and have been helping those suffering from traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. In 2021, we combined our core products into a single serving packet for daily use.”

– Dr. Mark Gordon

What Customers Are Saying
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Optimal Efficiency

“Wow, my recall is so much better and I’m more effective at work”

– Eric H.

No More Brain Fog

“Within the first 45 minutes my brain fog lifted and mental clarity improved”

– Deborah F.

Best I’ve Felt!

“I no longer need coffee to jump-start my day. This is the best I’ve felt!”

– Rob G.

How It Works
One Packet A Day

Step 1Take 1 packet daily pre-breakfast

Step 2Cut or rip the top of the packet

Step 3Take directly into mouth or mix in water

Our Story

Over 35 years, Dr. Mark Gordon developed a clinical approach to the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. His protocols help military veterans, professional athletes, traumatic injury patients, high-performing executives, and civilians aiming to improve their health and overall well-being.

Why were the brain rescue products created?

After a traumatic or non-traumatic brain injury, inflammatory chemicals are released from our own immune system as a defense mechanism. These inflammatory chemicals can protect our brain as well as hurt it when the inflammation goes from acute to chronic, lasting longer than needed. This can happen in situations like micro-traumas or repetitive traumas or stress. The Millennium’s Brain Rescue and Brain Care products correct the mechanisms allowing for chronic inflammation. In order to heal the brain inflammation must be controlled.

How does it help?

The Brain Rescue and Brain Care products help to clear up free radicals that cause the cells of our brain’s immune system (microglia) to release inflammatory chemicals (pro-inflammatory cytokines). Overtime, the production of these caustic chemicals is reduced allowing for the return of a more normal chemistry of the brain. This can be recognized by decrease in physical pain, lessening of migraines, stabilization of mood, improved sleep, clearer minds, and a return in the joy of living.

Millennium Gives Back

We're on a mission to revolutionize the devastating impact of traumatic brain injury in our veterans

We partnered with Warrior Angels Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, donating a percent of sales to help provide treatment to US active military service members and veterans who have sustained a Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) while in the line of duty.

Get 10% off your first order

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